About Us

Our Company

Our team is comprised of experts from various business and educational backgrounds.  This diversity makes our knowledge of this field an asset to business owners. Our staff and executive team come from a background of financing, financial planning and investments. We have worked directly with entrepreneurs and business owners to assist them in acquiring capital and business financing. In the process we came to the realization that the average small business owner is faced with financial challenges on a regular basis. Unfortunately, today’s major financial institutions rarely finance the short-term needs that small business owners face every day.

Fortunately, we have specifically focused on solving short-term capital needs using reliable lending options.  For those that don't qualify for traditional bank financing, we have options available with faster approvals,  less restrictions, and without risking personal assets. We offer a variety of consulting services that are geared to create funding options.  We also provide a variety of products for entrepreneurs seeking investment capital as well as full scale nonprofit development. At Small Business Owners of America, we understand the needs of our clients and believe that providing value and expert assistance is the best way to help build  your business.

Mission Statement

Small Business Owners of America is here to assist in all aspects of starting, running and funding a business. By educating the small business owner, our team helps new businesses get started in the right direction and existing businesses acquire capital. This allows the business to be run more efficiently and successfully.

The SBOOA Guarantee

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with any documents
that we have written, we will make any changes necessary to meet your standards.