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We offer our clients valuable advice for starting and building a small business. We also provide assistance in developing a strong business image and business credit profile. Starting and operating a business can be quite expensive and nearly impossible if the business owner has bad personal credit. Fortunately, we offer an alternative to personal credit based financing so that business owners with poor personal credit, or those who do not want to risk their personal assets, can obtain the financing they need to for their business. 

We realized that many small business owners know little about business credit and how it can be an asset to their business. Most make the mistake of mixing their personal credit and debt with their business credit and debt. We help every client separate their personal and business credit. By doing so, our clients not only help protect their personal assets, but also increase the likelihood of good credit terms. A solid business credit profile is essential as it will be a factor considered by lenders and vendors when applying for financing.

Most business owners fall into one of two categories.
The first category is the business owner with a low personal credit score.  If that is the case, then building business credit is the perfect solution as it is very difficult to acquire financing without excellent personal credit. Business credit is a relatively quick and inexpensive way to obtain business financing without having to put up collateral, deal with strict restrictions, or give away equity in the business.

The second category is the business owner who has a great personal credit score, and wants to keep it that way. The average small business owner has a credit score below a 600. The reason for this is because most small business owners use their personal credit for business expenditures, as opposed to taking the time to establish and build a solid business credit score.

We have developed our business credit building program over many years of working with small business owners. We found that many people were frustrated trying to successfully build their profile. Business credit based financing is a valuable tool for acquiring operating capital: leases, office equipment, computers, and inventory. At the same time, it also builds a solid business credit profile which puts businesses in position to acquire larger lines of credit and business loans.


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