Business Financing

We have built meaningful connections that allow us to provide a wide variety of financing options.  We will utilize our lending sources to secure funding for your business.  We have active lending relationships with FDIC-insured institutions, local and national banks, commercial mortgage lenders, venture capital firms, Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI), Community Development Banks (CDB), Certified Development Corporations (CDC) as well as private and wholesale lenders.  We do all of the pre approval loan processing in-house to help your business obtain funding as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Business Financing Options

Small Business Loans I Short Term Loans I Merchant Cash Advance I Corporate Credit Lines I Equipment Financing I Accounts Receivable Financing I SBA Loans

Small Business Loans
The average small business owner is faced with financial challenges on a regular basis. Unfortunately, today’s major financial institutions rarely finance the short-term needs that small business owners face every day.  Fortunately, we have specifically focused on solving short-term capital needs using reliable lending options. If you don't qualify for traditional bank financing, we have options available where you could be approved faster, with less restrictions, and without risking personal assets.

  • Working Capital- There are many different reasons a business decides to obtain a loan. One of the most common reasons is for working capital. As a business grows, new opportunities present themselves to increase revenue. This generally means there is a need to acquire additional employees, equipment or inventory. This scenario is when a working capital loan can be essential to solve every day cash flow issues.
  • Revenue Based- Revenue based financing is a very popular alternative to traditional bank financing. Lenders will analyze revenue and cash flows when structuring a loan.  This ensures the business will stay within budget during loan repayment. The underwriting process is significantly shorter than traditional bank financing. This allows business owners to quickly obtain the capital they need.

Short Term Loans
Short term loans are very practical for solving cash flow issues. This can be especially useful for expanding or seasonal businesses.  Unlike a traditional bank loan, short term loans offer fixed payments. This allows businesses to accurately plan and budget to maximize the efficiency of their loan.

Merchant Cash Advance
A merchant cash advance is for businesses who are looking for short term capital. It is an ideal funding solution for retailers. The repayment of the advance is done through a fixed holdback percentage of credit card sales. This method of repayment allows for the greatest amount of flexibility for the business. If sales are low one month, the amount paid towards the total payback of the loan will be low. However, if sales are high, the amount paid towards the total payback of the loan will be high which will decrease the time of repayment.

Corporate Credit Lines
For some businesses, a line of credit can be more beneficial than a loan. It allows businesses to draw capital when they need it. Therefore the business is using their funding efficiently instead of wasting capital on a large loan. Many business owners also make the mistake of using their own personal credit to secure lines of credit for the business. It is important to not mix personal credit and debt, with business credit and debt. We have programs available for unsecured business financing that will build business credit without combining personal credit.

Equipment Financing
As businesses grow they sometimes need new equipment to increase revenue. Equipment financing is for businesses who don't necessarily need operating capital but instead just need physical equipment. We have a variety of equipment financing programs available.

Accounts Receivable Financing
Some businesses heavily rely on fulfilling purchase orders to maintain cash flows. Many of these purchase orders are invoices that may not be completed for several months. We have programs available where lenders will step in and finance businesses based off of an existing purchase order. This allows businesses to collect on future revenue immediately.

SBA Loans
Small Business Administration loans are backed by the government. They are issued through banks and other lenders who have partnered with the SBA. There are a wide variety of loan programs available to businesses who qualify.


The SBOOA Guarantee

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