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Operating Agreements

Operating Agreement
An operating agreement is necessary for every business. It gives business owners further protection from any liabilities associated with their business.  It outlines all operational conditions of the business. This is especially necessary in a multi owner situation as it will outline a specific profit and loss allocation as well as equity share. This will avoid future legal complications that may arise if this were not in place. Every state has its own set of rules and guidelines that apply to businesses. Without an operating agreement, any conflicts would be resolved by these rules. Having an operating agreement in place gives business owner the opportunity to set these rules on their own terms.  It also will allow the business to offer small portions of equity to business partners in exchange for an investment. This is done through a subscription agreement which is an addendum to the original operating agreement.


  • Fully written operating agreement
  • Subscription agreement
  • Word and PDF
  • Unlimited revisions

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