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Private Placement Memorandum

A Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) is essential for businesses that are looking to give up equity in return for an investment in their company. In some cases, it is a legal requirement. A PPM protects the investors, as well as the business owner in several different ways, and ensures that all legal steps are taken when raising capital.

Our expert team of writers will develop a Private Placement Memorandum that outlines the specific terms between entrepreneurs and investors. It discloses all risk for potential investors. This protects a business owner's personal assets by disclosing this information in writing. A PPM is a legal requirement as it meets applicable SEC compliances, specifically the disclosure requirements of Rule 502 (b)(2) of Regulation D. It also outlines the specifics of the equity share, which protects investors as it ensures that all investors are treated equally. This is especially important in a situation where multiple investors are considering an investment. This document shows potential investors you are serious and your business is prepared to receive an investment. Without it, an investor will have their own lawyers write up a similar document leaving your business vulnerable and unprotected as you will now be operating strictly on their terms.


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